• HRDF Leadership Talk

    It's time for the 3rd Session of HRDF’s Leadership Talk Series 2018. Join Mr @michealteoh Micheal Teoh Su Lim, Founder & CEO of Thriving


    We have the pleasure to invite you to our Interactive Self Motivation Talk that hosted by our renowned speaker Mr. SG Yap. In this program, you...

  • Achieving Personal Goals

    Personal Development improves the awareness of identity, develop talents , facilitate employability and enhance quality of one's life.

  • Meta-NLP Workshop

    NEURO-SEMANTIC NLP is a cognitive-behavioral model that incorporates powerful tools to transform mindsets to be more resourceful, hence fully achieving your Human Potential!

  • Introductory Workshop to NLP

    Looking for growth in career, life, relationship and finance? Want to have momentum and full conviction to achieve your aspirations?

  • Startup2FxxKup Volume 5

    90 percent of startups fail within the first five years and answers to many questions - Why do entrepreneurs fail? What happens in the minds...

  • 名人面对面3.0

    巴生中华总商会青商团将于2018年10月6日上午10时正至下午1时正,顶级手套大厦第21层的礼堂(Top Glove Tower)举办第三届的“名人面对面3.0”。

  • KL Business English Trial Class

    🏢想扩展生意,跨国洽谈合作案; 📈想增广业务,跨种族扩展市场,却面临英语会话的困扰?😟 🚨❌别再让英语阻挡您的道路!让我们把绊脚石成为您生活上的垫脚石吧👣! 🔥【优良英语水平增强业务简介,优良英语水平增强商业形象】🔥 商务英语急救班让你学会以最基本的英文用语增强你在职场上的自信心❤,成功谈下你梦寐以求的合作方案,跨别种族甚至国际去扩大你业务市场!🔥🎉

  • 关系疗愈能量 工作坊

    你的生命是否负载一些过去的伤痕,让你感到受伤、疲惫、无力,甚至痛苦? 你的生命之路是否一直都比较坎坷,起起落落不断;原生家庭的议题是你最遗憾的过去?


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