Discover How You Can Make Thousands Of USD From Financial Markets

This Live Investment Seminar is organised to help beginners make real profits from the stock, index, currency, and commodities market.

Entry fee:FREE
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Discover The Secrets To Making Thousands Of US Dollars From Major Financial Markets… Without Any Experience

This Live Investment Seminar is organised to help beginners make real profits from the stock, index, currency, and commodities market.

VIP Tickets (worth RM99) is fully sponsored by Ace Profits Academy, Singapore’s and Malaysia’s Leading Wealth Creation and Personal Development Education Platform.

Two Financial Experts – One Mission

Helping Ordinary Malaysians To Build Additional Source Of Income In USD, By Making Profits From Financial Markets.

Marcus Lau

US Financial Trading Expert

JT Low

Stock Market Expert

In This Half-Day ACE Your Investing Code KL, You Will Discover…

1. How To Make Real Profits By Investing And Trading The Big Four Financial Markets – Stocks, Index, Currency, Commodities

2. How To Analyse A Company Before You Invest

If you want to make money in stocks, you have to buy the right company. You’ll learn a simple system to analyse a company within seconds.

3. How To Spot ‘Golden Entry’ Opportunities In The Financial Markets That You Know You Have High Probability Of Profits.

Know exactly when to enter and exit the market with high confidence of winning.

4. How To Use Artificial Intelligence To Maximise Your Profits And Minimise Your Losses

No need to read world news or follow market trends. Take advantage of Artificial Intelligence to make money for you!

And Many More Secrets To Making Additional Thousand Dollars From The Major Financial Markets!

Successful Trade Story of Genting Malaysia Berhad

Why You Should Attend This Seminar

  • You are new or have little experience in stock investing or trading, and not getting the results you want.
  • You want have a deeper understanding of investment analysis
  • You want a better and easier method to invest and trade the stock market, to make profits and able to sleep well at night
  • You want to improve your overall portfolio returns
  • You want to protect your hard-earned money from stock market risks and volatility

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this an investment scheme?

No. You are learning a real, legal way of trading and investing in major financial markets – stock, index, currency and commodities market.

2. Do you have another date and time for this event?

No. Both speakers often travel for business trips. Hence, it is very difficult to invite him do free talks like this. If you can’t make it for this event, you can still register first, and we will update you if we have similar events in the future.

3. I do not have any technical knowledge or experience in the stock markets. Am I suitable to attend the seminar?

Yes, you can attend. In fact, this FREE event (one-time only) would be really beneficial for beginners who are new to stock market. Be sure to register for the seminar to learn personally from the experts.

4. Is investing in the stock market risky?

All forms of investment carries certain risks, that is why you must get educated first before entering the stock market. You will learn how to identify a good stock, and a list of ‘hot stock’ for your immediate action. You will also see how the experts can show you tools to cut down your analysis time and give you everything you need.

    Tue, October 16, 2018
  • 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Location:The Boulevard Office

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