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Online business seminar Seminar will be conducted in English

Entry fee:FREE
Please register at event organizers official website. If there is any changes of date and time, they will contact you directly. Click book now to go to event page and click learn more to book.

Online business seminar

Seminar will be conducted in English

Who should attend:

  • Those who want to own a business but doesn’t have huge investment capital
  • Those who are keen to be an internet entreprenuer
  • Those who foresees online shopping will be an unstoppable trend
  • Those who wish to earn residual income/continuous passive income
  • Those who wants to have another source of income besides his current job or business portfolio
  • Those who looks out for great business opportunities
  • Those who always proposing solutions to a problem
  • Those who believe plan ahead will create better result than simply act

Key notes:

  1. Introducing Malaysia online trend and statistic
  2. Why should we start an online business
  3. 5 key notes for profitable online business
  4. How to create own economy and achieve financial independence

Aware and be part of the online business trends, see you there !!!

  • Mon. 14 January 2019 
  • 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Location:B03-A-07-1, Menara 3A, No.3,KL Eco City

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